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FAQs and Terms & Conditions


Home staging is not decorating.

  • It’s a feeling
  • It’s a business of presentation that creates higher returns – faster.
  • It’s done by enhancing your homes overall visual appeal and transforming and defining spaces so potential buyers can envision themselves living there.

The True North Staging team are professionals that are passionate about what we do. Your home is treated like it is our one and only job and we stage accordingly. We like to think we put a little of soul into every stage.

  • We work closely with real estate agents staying up to date with market trends.
  • We have the knowledge and experience to get the outcome required – SOLD
  • We have a large warehouse full of furniture and accessories to suit a variety of homes – contemporary, classic, casual, coastal, urban etc so we can insure your home is presented and market ready right down to the smallest detail.
  • Still unsure? – just check out our testimonials from our happy clients.

One size does not fit all when staging a home so the cost of staging your property will depend on the size of your home, access and other variables.

Please view our packages (under ‘Our Services’) which while not definitive will give an idea of what investing in property staging with True North Staging will cost. We are also open to working with budgets where possible to best suit your needs. Please ask and we will do our best to assist.

Please give us a call (0220210114) to get a firm quote.

Generally the True North Staging team can spend anywhere from 3-6 hours onsite setting up, depending on the size of your home. This doesn’t include all the behind the scenes work such as selection, packing and getting everything delivered. Once delivered is when the real fun starts!

Yes, True North Staging are constantly refreshing and updating our inventory and all items are available for purchase. We can also assist in purchasing new furniture and/or accessories for your new home as we have access to some great designer outlets.

True North Staging packages cover four weeks plus one week free of charge. Packages includes a free initial consultation, delivery, assembly and removal. The rental period can be extended if required.

Our price includes selection, delivery by professional movers, insurance (see terms and conditions), pack up and removal. And of course all the furniture and accessories for the hire period. Our process is as follows:

  • Inspection – we will arrange a time to meet onsite with our client or real estate agent to discuss how best to showcase the property to appeal to a wide range of buyers. This initial consultation is complimentary and is obligation free.
  • Selection – upon acceptance of our quote we will select the perfect pieces from our warehouse that best complements your home to create a cohesive look throughout.
  • Delivery and Installation – once all the furniture and accessories are delivered we will style your home down to the smallest finishing touch. Your home will be transformed ready for photography, marketing and open homes.
  • Pack up and Removal – once the hire period is finished we will organise the pack up and removal of the staging at the earliest time mutually convenient to all concerned.

Terms & Conditions

“Company” shall mean True North Staging and its successors and assigns.

“Hirer” shall mean the person(s), company or trust named in the above quote/contract for furniture hire as Hirer and any person(s) acting on behalf of or with the authority of the Hirer.

“Furniture” shall mean the furniture supplied on hire by True North Staging to the Hirer and may include where necessary accessories to complement the Furniture.


*Hireage is for a minimum non-refundable period of 5 weeks, from the commencement date (unless otherwise agreed upon).

*No refund of the Initial Hire Fee will be given should the Hirer cancel or request removal of the staging during the Initial Hire Period.

*Should the Hirer wish to extend this agreement beyond the Initial Hire Period then one week’s notice is required from the Hirer to True North Staging requesting an extension.

*The hire period may then be renewed on a week by week basis (but for no longer than a total of 8 weeks during the high season)

*The Hirer shall allow True North Staging, or their agents, entry to the property including access to keys, alarm codes and any other access details to inspect, photograph, deliver and remove the staging from the Property if a representative of the hirer cannot be present during these times.

 *The cost of the delivery and collections of the Staging is included within the Initial Hire Fee. Unless the Hirer notifies True North Staging otherwise at the time of delivery of the Furniture, the Hirer acknowledges and agrees that the Furniture has been  delivered safely and without causing any damage to the property at the installation address.

*Once the Staging has been installed to the professional standards of True North Staging additional fess may apply if the customer requests to change/add or remove any items during the staging term.

*The Hirer is responsible to notify True North Staging of any Hirer’s own furniture/items that need to be relocated on the premises of the property (eg: moving pianos, pool tables etc) as additional chargers will apply. This includes returning any of the said items back after the staging has been removed.


*True North staging will not be liable for removing or making good any minor damage caused by the installation of the Goods that is reasonable in the circumstance. Minor damage includes, but is not limited to, holes from nails, screws or picture hooks left by the removal of pictures etc and removing  indentations from carpet where the furniture has been on display.

*Installation day may be rescheduled if there is inclement weather.

*The Hirer undertakes to keep the furniture in good order and agrees not to move or relocate any items without prior approval from True North Staging. The Hirer agrees that the Goods are for display purposes only and cannot be used for any other purpose than that intended.

*If any piece of furniture and/or any accessory is damaged or soiled in any way by use or neglect during the staging period or if any furniture and/or any accessory is removed from that property, the Hirer will be responsible for the cost of restoration and/or cleaning and/or replacement of the furniture and/or accessories.


*It is the Hirer’s responsibility to notify True North Staging and/or third parties of any visible wear and tear and/or defects in or on the property that may be concealed by the furniture.

*True North Staging insures the home staging furniture and accessories placed within your home/property. We are also happy to provide outdoor furniture to complete the staging if required but the owner must make sure that the home is adequately secured and the outdoor area is locked where appropriate.

*The home/property owner will insure their home and any personal furniture which may remain at the property.

Free Consultation

We offer our clients a free no obligation consultation to find out exactly what they have in mind for their property. This time will allow us to form a design that will transform your property to appeal to a broad range of buyers.

“a lot of people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”

Steve Jobs

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